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In this year, the Robo Lions participated in FRC.

Robo Lions at the Peachtree Regional after winning the regional


  • President: Liang Yi Zhao
  • Vice-President: None
  • Secretary: None
  • Treasurer: None
  • Historian: None


Fall Activities

FIRST Lego League Qualifier

This year the team hosted a FIRST Lego League Qualifier.

FIRST Robotics Competition


The game in 2005 was Triple Play.


In 2005, our robot was Capek.

Field Crew


In 2005,the teamattended the Peachtree Regional and Championships.

Peachtree Regional

At the Peachtree Regional, the team allied with the number one alliance (281 and 801 ) where our alliance went 6-0 in the finals and proved to be an unbeatable alliance.

Before the finals, the team was ranked 13th out of 48 teams, with a win-loss-tie ratio of 7-5-0.[1]


After winning the Peachtree Regional the team advanced to the Championship at the Georgia Dome. There the team found the competition became much tougher and challenging then first assumed. Through the ranking rounds the team went 4-3-0 and failed to make the quarter-finals.[Citation Needed]


Off-Season Activities

Camp Invention Demo

This year the team demoed the robot at Camp Invention.



  • Number of Members: 18
  • Number of Female Members: 4
  • Number of Male Members: 14
  • Number of Mentors: 3 (Recorded ##)
  • Number of Freshmen: 2
  • Number of Sophomores: 8
  • Number of Juniors: 4
  • Number of Seniors: 1



  1. Official FIRST 2005 Peachtree Rankings

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