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2007 Rack 'n' Roll

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Rack 'n' Roll logo

Rack 'n' Roll was the FRC game for 2007.

Game Description

Robots start against the alliance wall with a "keeper" pool tube on/in the robots. The other scoring game element, ringers, are located on opposing alliance's wall, laying on the ground. There is also another game piece called the "spoiler" which negates the effect of any other game element. In the center of the field is the rack, a circular structure that has 8 columns by 3 rows of places for the pool tubes to be hung on. Matches have a 15 second autonomous period and two minute teleoperated period where teams try to get the most number of pool tubes hung on the rack in a row or column. At the last 15 seconds of the match, robots can earn bonus points by lifting a robot various heights above the ground in their home zone.


Scoring on the rack is as follows:

  • Singleton - 2 points
  • Row of 2 scored spider legs - 4 points
  • Row of 3 scored spider legs - 8 points
  • Row of 4 scored spider legs - 16 points
  • Row of 5 scored spider legs - 32 points
  • Row of 6 scored spider legs - 64 points
  • Row of 7 scored spider legs - 128 points
  • Row of 8 scored spider legs - 256 points

Scoring for the bonus points for raised robots at the end of the match is as follows:

  • Each robot between 0 and 3.9 inches above floor level - 0 bonus points
  • Each robot between 4.0 and 11.9 inches above floor level - 15 bonus points
  • Each robot 12.0 inches or more above floor level - 30 bonus points

Field Description

3D Rendering of Rack 'n' Roll field layout

The field for Rack 'n' Roll is a standard 24 by 54 ft field that is completely empty except for the large structure in the middle of the field. This large structure is called the "rack". The rack is a circular structure with 8 columns of 3 rows of spider hooks for pool tubes to be placed on. Each row of spiders is hooked by chain to the next highest part of the structure so that is swings and moves with every bump of the structure and row. At the top of every other column was a green light target to be tracked by cameras mounted on robots to help with autonomous.


These are the robots that our team made for this game:

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