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This is the 2017 year.

This year, we implemented a new way to manage different build sub-teams during the FRC season. Click here to view it.


This is the year the Social Media Lead and the Historian roles were combined.


Fall 2016: VEX Robotics

Award winners from the Robots at the Ridge competition.

As we do in the fall, the team participated in the 2016 VEX Game, Starstruck. The club was split up into 7 subteams on August 23, and had 12 weeks to build a robot to compete in the game. This year, school was also held off on Election Day, which happened to be one of our VEX Meeting days. An optional meeting was held for teams who still needed that build day.

VEX Qualifier: Robots at the Ridge

The VEX Qualifier: Robots at the Ridge was held at PRHS on November 19. Over 50 teams from over Georgia, with some coming from as far as Knoxville, Tennessee. They all gathered to take place in the 2016 VEX Game, VEX Starstruck. One of the 1261 Subteams made it to quarterfinals, but sadly did not go past that. Still, it was a great event overall, and all students enjoyed their time there! We also had many people stay after and clean up, which helped us clean up the entire school commons in only an hour!
Congratulations to our first place winners:

  • Captain: 3921B "Beta" from Carrollton, GA
  • 1st pick: 1961E "South Forsyth Eaglebots" from Cumming, GA
  • 2nd pick: 7201P "Marist Penguins" from Atlanta, GA

We also congratulate the following award-winning teams:

  • Excellence Award: 675E "RoboDragons E" from Lawrenceville, GA
  • Judges Award: 31415R "Domo Arigato" from Cumming, GA

Fall 2016: Outreach Activities

Suwanee Parade

2017 STEM Heroes of Suwanee: the Robo Lions!

On September 17, 2016, the Robo Lions marched valiantly through Suwanee, donned with masks and heroic capes. This year's parade theme was "Super Suwanee, Super People!". The team took home the "Most Entertaining Group" award from the judges.

Duluth Fall Festival

On September 24, 2016, the Robo Lions attended the Duluth Fall Festival once again. They shot t-shirts and beach balls with the assistance of Jeff and Genesis from the back of their parade float. The event was filled with fun, excitement, and thunderous pride as our team took to the streets cheering about our love of STEM. We made lots of new friends and connections within the community, as it stands as a memory that will never be forgotten. We used our superhero theme from the Suwannee Day Parade, and everyone fulfilled their roles of being superheroes beautifully.

Maker Faire

On the weekend of October 1-2, some of the Robo Lions set up and maintained a booth at Maker Faire Atlanta. The team debuted an interactive display which helped us teach visitors to our booth about the sensors which make us successful on the field. We had a steady stream of visitors both days with kids driving VEX Robots and exploring our FRC Robots while we helped to connect our community to the STEM opportunities in their area. We were recognized for our set up and had a great time catching up with our fellow FRC Teams before GRITS!

Ridge Run 5K Color Run

On October 19, 2016, the Robo Lions were invited to kickoff the Ridge Color Run by shooting colorful flour out of Jeff the t-shirt robot. See How to: Color Run Preparation to see how we succeeded in doing so.

TE Sessions

This year, Georgia FIRST, in collaboration with the Georgia Tech Robojackets, held various Technology Enrichment sessions where one team would teach others on some crucial aspects of Robotics. We held two of our own sessions.

Raspberry Pi and Vision Tracking

On October 15th, the Robo Lions hosted a TE Session focused on helping other FRC teams understanding how to effectively use raspberry pis, which are small single-boarded computers that are used for processing the code that lies within the robot. It was a great experience, and we saw many people there, both new and old. Many concepts such as HSV-based color, contour tracking, and PID control were discussed. The programming team also gave tips on how to use a vision tracking system more efficiently. There was also a Q&A given at the end of the session to address any of confusion. This session was recorded by the RoboJackets; click here to view a recording.

Effective Social Media

Some team members giving out candy to kids at Trunk or Treat.

On October 29th, we hosted a TE Session that focused on having effective social media. We presented to teams about how to manage social media effectively and how to use each form of social media to its fullest extent. Many FRC teams attended, which enabled us to meet and interact with many people we've never met. We gained insight and perspective from a wide variety of teams, so even though we were hosting the event, we got a couple of things out of it as well.

Trunk or Treat

The team did have a trunk at PRHS's second annual Trunk or Treat, where kids go from trunk to trunk, trick or treating in a safe environment. The team's trunk was a Star Wars based trunk, showing the cockpit view of the Millennium Falcon. The team showed off the VEX outreach bot, Kobe.

Other School Events

The Robo Lions attended many events hosted at PRHS during the fall. This includes, but isn't limited to, the home football games, the Asian American College Fair, and Ridge Run. At most of these events, the Robo Lions showcased Jeff the T-Shirt Robot.

Side Activities

Parody Video

The team once again participated in the FIRST Parody contest. This year, the team decided to make a parody of the song "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. The parody was named "Don't Stop Buildin'", and can be seen here.

End of Season Video

FRC Competitions

Gainesville District

The team attended the 2017 GeorgiaFirst Gainesville District Event on March 3rd through March 5th. We finished qualification matches at rank 30, and were chosen by the 8th alliance (Captain 5734 RoboReign and partner 5332 ToasterTech). The Robo Lions put up quite a fight in the first two quarterfinal matches, but didn't quite make the cut. Despite the results of the competition, the team worked through the day with their roaring spirits and hard work! We hope to blow the competition away at our future events with all that we've learned from Gainesville!

Asheville, NC

Albany District

Spring 2017: FRC

Due to chilly weather and possibility of icy roads/snow, the team opted to hold kickoff at home. Most of the veterans separated themselves by gender and held sleepovers at corresponding houses, eager to watch the game reveal the next morning. 2017 Kickoff brought the reveal of FIRST Steamworks, a steampunk-themed gamed that combines a variety of challenges for each alliance to "power their aircraft" and "prepare for takeoff!"

Off-Season FRC Activities


The Robo Lions attended GRITS at Riverside Military Academy on October 22, 2016. They played alongside many other Georgia teams, and they ended qualifications as the 3rd seeded alliance captain. Forming an alliance with Team 2974 (Walton) and Team 4188 (Columbus Space Program), they made it all the way to the semifinals before accepting defeat. They did not go home empty-handed, though. With over 30 rookies, the team was able to take home the Outreach award for the third year in a row and got quite a nifty Portcullis styled trophy.

Spring 2017: Outreach Activities

Mason STEM Night

Caroline Means explains the function of Khanquistador to elementary kids.

On January 24th, 2017, the team was invited to bring their robots to Mason Elementary's STEM Night. The team brought Khanquistador Robot to use as a tool and help explain vision tracking to the parents and children. At the end, Khanquistador was used to roll boulders towards the kids. We showed the kids what they can look forward to doing in high school, hopefully to gain many more members in the future.

Parsons STEM Night

Closer to home, our team took a walk over to Parsons Elementary for STEAM night with an eager group of rookies. They did a great job speaking about the 2016 robot and helping to demonstrate its capabilities. Meanwhile, others supervised youngers who wanted to try their hand at driving the VEX robots. It was a great night for the team as we got to interact with future Robo Lions and look ahead towards the establishment of another FLL team at the school.

Jackson STEM Night

The team had a wonderful time at Jackson Elementary for their STEAM night! The 2016 robot was a hit and did a great job showing students and parents how we were able to optimize the ways in which hardware and software can work together! For younger kids, VEX robots are closer to their size, so they were thrilled to have the chance to drive them around to play soccer. Thanks to Jackson Elementary for being such great hosts- we had tons of fun meeting your FLL team as well and can’t wait to work with them!

Assistant Principal's Son Birthday Party!

The team volunteered to entertain the school's assistant principal's son at his 6th birthday party. The fun of the party was fueled by the driving of baby vex robots and the room was filled with children's laughs! It just goes to show that science and technology can be as much fun for high schoolers as it is for the kids!

Duluth Library Demo



  • Number of Members: 68
  • Number of Female Members: 18
  • Number of Male Members: 49
  • Number of Mentors: 11
  • Number of Freshmen: 27
  • Number of Sophomores: 19
  • Number of Juniors: 11
  • Number of Seniors: 11


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