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The President is the top most highest executive job a member can have in robotics. Generally it is required that the President is an upperclassmen. For the 2018 season, the role of president was split up and the position was renamed to Captain.

Job Requirements

The job of the Captain is to lead the team into their fall activities and making sure that any and all activities for the spring season which may include FRC, VRC, or FTC are accomplished in a well and organized format.


Leadership is perhaps the most essential quality for a person to be captain. Being president of the club and team means that the entire team is looking up to whomever is president to lead. If a captain cannot lead the team - show them what is going on, what needs to be fixed, and perform all this while not showing stress or negative emotions, then he or she is unfit to be president. Members should be able to look up to a captain as someone ideal to be.


Whilst not being a required requirement, it is generally recommended that a captain be good at speaking. This is especially important when the team is addressing parent mentors, sponsors, or the general team. Being the sole representative of the team, it is important to show that the team is strong and serious about FIRST.

Previous Presidents

2021 Joey Costello
2020 Joey Costello
2019 Natalie Luong
2018 Poojan Raval
Natalie Luong
2017 Mackenzie Glaser
2016 Nabil Khan
2015 Jay Krishnaswamy
2014 Rikhil Shah
2013 Andrew Shaw
2012 Sei Han
2011 Logan Su
2010 Tanner Smith
2009 Stephen Mihalko
2008 Keefer Dunn
2007 Michael Strain
2006 Matthew Newcomb
2005 Liang Yi Zhao
2004 Sean Macikowski
Brandon Adams