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"What time is it? 12:61" - Unknown

Adding Quotes

To add a quote, click on the edit button in the top toolbar. From there, you would write your quote inside option tags (<option></option>) below all existing quotes in option tags. Make sure to give some context to the quote if it doesn't make sense on its own. Always have the person who spoke the quote after the quote itself.


 <option>[context if necessary]"Memorable Quote" - [[member being quoted]]</option>

Fill in placeholder information with actual information regarding the quote. Add the code inside the <choose></choose>


This template isn't really a template, but is used for the random selection extension.

If you want to have any of these quotes show up on a page, just call this template to a page:


Legacy Quotes

Please note that adding quotes here will not add quotes to the random quote selection template.

  • “I don’t see how this is going to get the robot built….” - Randy Havner
  • “Our robot is pink and it solves cancer.” - Stephen Mihalko
  • “This is the cup. For now on, if you are off topic, and I point at you, you have to put a dollar in the cup. I am going to be rich!” - Randy Havner
  • “Well, with two speeds you have two speeds and with three speeds you have three speeds.” “Yeah thats about the biggest difference.” - Randy Havner and Sunny Gupta
  • “Why do high school kids build robots? They don’t know any better…” - Randy Havner
  • [on the topic of South Park] "You see the one - “ “Randy put a dollar in the cup!” - Randy Havner and Stephen Mihalko
  • "Why did we build two robots? Because they wouldn't let us build three." - Randy Havner
  • "Does your mom know about us?" - Patrick Wortman
  • "Guys...Where's the robot?" - Stephen Mihalko
  • "Oh, go play in the street!" - Mary Rutland
  • "I don't know, I just work here." - Tanner Smith
  • "Our robot can FLY!" - Stephen Mihalko
  • "Small bills please." - Sue McKellar
  • "What?! Who put that robot there?!" - Logan Su
  • "What time is it? 12:61" - Unknown
  • [whilst on the phone] "I can't talk, I'm busy; I'm on the phone - wait" - Tanner Smith
  • [after eating three cheeseburgers] "Can I have your fries, Tanner?" - Michael Kapp
  • "I can chain better than Logan and that is my slogan." - Max Kennard
  • [while disassembling the Chimichanga] "May its soul rest in peace." "Chimichanga is certainly resting in pieces now." - Sehyun Han and Fred Smith
  • [in reference to a 11-6-2 record at Peachtree] "Well, now I have a reason for us winning at least one match in the finals." - Nitant Dandekar
  • [when asked how his first rookie meeting was] "Yes." - Neil Penning
  • [said about McKinley Freelon ] "Is that guy's name really 'Busta'?"
  • [said to Beatrice Herchek who forgot her parent volunteer form many times ] "I don't hug form-less people!" - [[Jane Khampha]
  • [2015 Palmetto Rap Battle] "If you were a pool, I'd jump in you!" - Avinash Sivakumar & "If you were a pool, I'd pee in you!" - Rishov Sarkar
  • "Where's the left-handed allen wrench?" - Nawar Khan
  • [while passing someone in the hallway] "HELLO. Hello. Hello!" - Jason Wu
  • [at the start of Junior year] "Are you ready for college yet? Let's graduate. Now." - Jay Krishnaswamy
  • "Just say that you don't pay tax." - Jay Krishnaswamy
  • Get a freshman to do it." - Upperclassmen.
  • [on easyC's lack of boolean variables] "What kind of programming language IS this?!" - Jason Wu and Rishov Sarkar
  • "Hembree!" - Jason Wu and Jay Krishnaswamy
  • FABRICEEEE!!!!!!" - Jason Wu
  • "I don't read hex. I read English." - Jason Wu
  • "Just don't do it." - Jay Krishnaswamy
  • "That's high quality." - Pretty much the entire 2013 team.
  • [on eating the pink ginger commonly found next to sushi] "I thought it was ham." - Fabrice Kengne
  • [in foreign accent] "I don't do this one." - Nabil Khan
  • "Your face." - Rishov Sarkar
  • "How you gonna build yo robot if you ain't know the rules" - Nabil Khan
  • "Where you at?" - Don Shaw to Rutland
  • "HOLY FATIMA" - Nawar Khan
  • "Get Wrecked." - Rishov Sarkar
  • "Snack time is the only reason I come to these meetings." - Nabil Khan
  • "Fight me Bosco." - Mackenzie Glaser
  • Jane Khampha- "How do you deal with spooky mentors?" "I just spook them back" - Nabil Khan
  • [Holding a bottle of soap] "Are you sure this is soap?" - Dan Ngo
  • [After sending a weird picture to Beatrice Herchek] "Nabil has poisoned me. Lol" - Poojan Raval
  • [Making fun of the Freshmen who Skype-call frequently] "It's ok. I used to Skype myself." - Nabil Khan
  • Nabil Khan - "Why am I still here?" "Because you have no friends to hang out with." - Mary Rutland
  • "If we're trying to be a competitive team, ok should never be ok." - Nabil Khan
  • [To Avinash, after knocking his hot dog out of his hand] "Why did you have to be so rough with my hot dog?" - Nabil Khan
  • "No munchies makes for a sad team." - Jane Khampha, via weekly syndication.
  • [After seeing a picture of himself] "I swear I'm not that dark." - Avinash Sivakumar
  • Jane Khampha - "Una pregunta por favor." Aarnav Saxena - "You're pregnant?!"
  • "Call me what you want but you can't call me broke." - Lexi Phipps
  • [When asked what Poojan was doing] "I think he's building the chairman's." - Nehemiah Elias
  • "I'm the greatest baller in the world." - Mary Rutland
  • [While helping Nehe with APES] "Dig in your backyard, you may find a well." - Aarnav Saxena
  • [After handing Mark Kim the flywheel belt] "Mark, can you whip me?" - Nehemiah Elias
  • "The party don't stop till I walk in." - Nehemiah Elias
  • "That's my burrito!" - Nabil Khan
  • Jane, half-asleep, about to fall] "Good thing I programmed my foot to catch myself before I fell"
  • "Everything is working. That's the problem!" - Terry Kang
  • [Peering into an empty box] "No sustenance here, moving on" - Nabil Khan
  • [When talking about a worm gear] "We can use one of those jabber doodles." - Fred Smith
  • [To Avinash]: I know I'm late without any roses, but will you be my valentine?" - Joel
  • "Silly rabbit, kids are for Trix!" - Nehemiah Elias
  • "Jack, have you ever seen yourself walk? You walk like the people in old Chinese cartoons." - Mary Rutland
  • "Bush did 9/11" - Mary Rutland
  • Mackenzie Glaser - "I don't think there's a problem with the roboRIO..." "The robo-Rio de Janerio?" - Poojan Raval
  • Rishov Sarkar - "I code in the hood." "You can't code in the hood, it's dark in the hood, yo!" - Caroline Means
  • Nabil - "What's in that cup, Avinash?" "AN ORANGE."
  • [When finding out that the thermostat was on low] "Ms. Rutland put it on low so her heart doesn't thaw out." - Nabil Khan
  • "I could ask you to write what Nabil did wrong, but that list would be endless." - Don Shaw
  • [While working on the vision tracking] "Tap, Tap, Tap, I really hope this works..." - Rishov Sarkar
  • [While examining her phone] "I need glue. My pandas are falling off." - Natalie Luong
  • [to Nawar Khan and Jane Khampha] "Hi guys" - Rishov Sarkar "Who dat?" - Jane Khampha "Who dat I-G-G-Y" - Rishov Sarkar
  • [Firmly grasping Joel's hand] "I guess you can say I have a Stronghold on you." - Veer Shah
  • [About to throw a dart] "FORCE EQUALS MASS SQUARED!" - Avinash Sivakumar
  • [Talking to Ms. Rutland and Ms. Summers] "Oh look, it's my two favorite teachers! Jk, Ms. Summers is my favorite teacher." - James Lee
    [Pulls out a knife] "Don't mess with me, James." - Ms. Rutland
  • [When discussing songs for the parody] "I can go pretty high. Do-ray-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do!" - Parshva Shah
  • [Right as Don Shaw walked in the room] "Oh Jesus Christ." - Nabil Khan
  • [while talking about her PSAT] "OH NO I spelled my name wrong! It's Kawar, Nawar on there!!" - Nawar Khan
  • [while attempting to contact a potential sponsor] “They blocked me what do I do now” - Landen Kim
  • [While in the ViaSat gym during the tour of 2017, Mary Rutland towards the team - "I bet none of y'all know what exercise is"
  • [ Busta driving the ViaSat Satellite] "Busta bouta bust a satellite" - Jane Khampha
  • "My Sophomore year I drilled in reverse for 30 minutes on accident" -Nawar Khan "Wait there's a reverse on drills?!?!" -Eden Jung
  • "I exercise my appetite" - Jane Khampha
  • [At a Car Wash] "Dang Nabil, why your car floors so dirty?" - Poojan Raval "The real question is why aren't my floors clean yet, Poojan." - Nabil Khan