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Using WindRiver with Git

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Using WindRiver with Git is simple, although it requires a few more steps to ensure that WindRiver and Git play nicely together.

Git Ignore

When using Git with WindRiver it is important to ignore several files to ensure that the project works on other persons computers.

To do this, copy the below into .gitignore in the project's repository and commit.

 #Ignore object files
 #Ignore any project files
 #Ignore any output files

This will ONLY work if the files and folders above have not been committed before the git ignore file was committed. If the files and folders have already been commited, remove them using the following command.

 git rm --cached [file-name]

Cloning a Git Repository into WindRiver[1]

Without following the instructions below, the project will not compile due to a missing makefile which should not be committed.

Run Wind River Workbench 3.0.

  1. Go to File->New->Example...
  2. Select VxWorks Downloadable Kernel Module Sample Project and click Next
  3. Select FRC Default Program and click Finish
  4. Right-click on BuiltinDefaultCode in the Project Explorer and select Rename.
  5. Enter the desired project name (usually the same as the Git repository name).
  6. In the project directory in the Project Explorer, delete BuildinDefaultCode.cpp and sample.txt.
  7. Open Git Bash
  8. Navigate to the WindRiver workspace directory (by default it is in C:\WindRiver\workspace\)
  9. Enter in the command git clone [url] [project-name]
    • [url] is the url of the Git repository
    • [project-name] is the name of the project which was created in WindRiver earlier
  10. Right-click in the Project Explorer and select Refresh.
  11. Right-click the [project name] project, and go to Build Options->Clean Project. The project should now be set up.


  1. Pat Fairbank's Post on Chief Delphi