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VEX Robotics Competition

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VEX robotics is a year-long, global robotics competition which challenges students from all across the globe to create a functioning robot to complete a specific game-like challenge. VEX robots are small, but require complex thinking and execution to create a competitive bot. At Peachtree Ridge, we participate in VEX because it serves as a great platform to teach invaluable life lessons, such as teamwork, leadership, problem solving, and time management. A new VEX game is released each April, however, we do not build the robots until August, allowing rising Freshman to get involved in the process. That being said, it is a great way to involve students who have never built a robot before, allowing them to get up close and personal to the robots they design and build. Each VEX team is broken down into 5-7 members, allowing each student to be greatly involved. In November, we host a competition for our sub teams, as well as around 50 others, from nearly 15 schools around Georgia, with the goal of winning and qualifying for the state championship.

VRC Games

Format: Game Year + Game Title

Preparing to Host the VEX Qualifier: Robots at the Ridge

Well Before the event

  1. Register to host an event and Register our teams!
  2. Order the Field and Game Elements
    • All should be ordered before November
    • Ask GSMST (Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology) for Extra Field and Game Elements for a Practice Field
    • Have GSMST bring it in the week of Qualifier
  3. Talk to team mom/food and meal planner about lunch plans team mentor/teacher sponsor can contact her)
    • Send out Lunch menu to all the Teams that have Registered
  4. Contact Gwinnett Daily Post reporter about interviewing us and have our event in the paper.
  5. Have the VEX qualifier be in the Newsletter and on social media.
  6. Make a sign up for student volunteering (Field reset, and Queuing) to Beta, NHS, SNHS
    • Make sure you have a lot of Volunteers for all the Shifts
    • Look for someone to sing the National Anthem
    • Reach out to Alumni
  7. Plan a date for the parent meeting.
    • Send out an email with all the info needed about the event, and about setup on Friday.
    • Make a presentation
  8. Have a Referee meeting taught by Mr. Glaser
  9. Have a Judges meeting
  10. Teach volunteers how to do inspection
  11. Remind team to stay after school to help set up on Friday and to bring money for lunch on Qualifier.
  12. Get the trophy plates to Max Plaques to get engraved
  13. Registration bags need to be done(with inspection sheet, lunch forms and buttons)
  14. Team signs (cardstock) for pits need to be done
  15. Make Driver buttons
  16. Get a Pit Map made before Friday
  17. Have music for the Event
  18. Have things laid out for setup before Friday

Day Before: Friday Night Set-up

  1. Bring all the Field equipment(s) to the commons
    • Field Perimeter x2
    • Tiles
    • Game Elements
    • Field Elements
    • SPIRE TV(s)
    • FRC Robot(s)
    • TV for FRC robot reveal
  2. Have tables set up
  3. Work on the hospitality room
  4. Put the Team signs on all the table
    • Same people help set up audience chairs(chairs from the commons)
    • 50 chairs 5 x 10 section
  5. Have a few people gather all the carpets from all around the school, and MAKE SURE that they are all labeled for where they need to be returned to.
  6. Setup the Fields and place all the tiles
  7. Stanchions(dividers used for lunch lines)- set-up and returned correctly (have a map)
    • (2) people Friday and Saturday placement and return.
  8. Bring down our VEX equipment after all is done
    • (batteries and battery chargers, Our vex supplies and maybe black tool chest)
  9. Charge all of the programming laptops
  10. Wish us luck :)

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