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Face Off

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Face Off was the FTC game for 2008.

Face Off logo

Game Description

Two alliances – one “red” and one “blue” – composed of two teams each, compete in each match. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opposing alliance by removing colored hockey pucks from 8 different racks around the field and placing them in various locations in the center scoring area. Teams will be also be challenged by traversing over rough and/or slippery terrain located in 4 different areas of the field and will have to navigate onto the field at the start of a match and back off the field at the end of the match. In the Autonomous Period, pucks scored in the center scoring area will be totaled and each alliance will keep those points whether the pucks are descored (pucks will count once) or not (pucks will be scored a second time). There will also be bonus points awarded to alliances for knocking pucks down from their racks based on their location from the Starting Location. There are a total of 70 pucks (35 red & 35 blue) available as scoring objects in the game.


  • Autonomous
    • Any pucks that are scored during the autonomous period will be counted at the end of the autonomous period. If those pucks stay in the Center Scoring Area throughout the rest of the match, the pucks will be scored a second time.
    • If a robot successfully clears the pucks off a near rack during the autonomous period, the corresponding alliance (based on color of the pucks) will score 5 points for each near rack cleared. If the far rack is successfully cleared, the alliance corresponding to the color of the rack will score 10 points.
  • Teleoperated
    • A puck that is scored in the outer square of the center scoring area is worth one (1) point for the corresponding alliance.
    • A puck that is scored in the middle circle of the center scoring area is worth three (3) points for the corresponding alliance.
    • A puck that is scored in the inner triangle of the center scoring area is worth five (5) points for the corresponding alliance.
    • A robot that is off the field at the end of a match is worth ten (10) points for the corresponding alliance.

Field Description

3D Rendering of Face Off field layout

The Face Off field is the standard FTC field with the use of the soft floor tiles and the rought or slippery floor areas. In two of the corners of the field, next to the alliance positions, are two ramps which are spring loaded to stay upright. On every edge of the field are two puck holding stations which must be tipped over to enter the pucks into the game. In the middle of the field is the scoring structure which is composed of a raised lege, a cylinder, and a taller triangle. Points are allotted on which piece of the structure pucks are entered into.


These are the robots that our team made for this game:

  • No robots built yet.

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