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Hunter Horde

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Hunter Horde
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Name Hunter Horde
Gender Male
Member in Year(s) 2016

Hunter Horde is a member of the team.

What Got You Involved in the Team?

My growing interest in the field of engineering caused me to explore robotics and other clubs and what they do exactly. I got involved in robotics so that I could start learning about the engineering and design process early on, and to be able to have experience with designing and building bots for later on.

Who is Your Role Model?

My role model is my grandfather. His life story is the exact meaning of how the American Dream can come true. He was born in Georgia on a farm, and grew up on a philosophy of "hard work brings success." Because of his economic status however, he could not attend college and instead went to trade school to obtain work as a plumber. After working for multiple years, he was offered a job at Player and company and he accepted. Through hard work and determination, and a dedication to producing fine quality work in the most efficient way, my grandfather worked his way up to the head of the company, and still owns it to this day.

What are Your Future Career Plans

After college, I wish to pursue a career in Computer Engineering by working with Google or Microsoft.

Interests or Hobbies

I enjoy working on computers and classic cars.

What Other Groups/Clubs Are You Involved In?

I participate in the Ultimate Frisbee club.

What Are Your Dreams In Life?


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Favorite Robotics Moments


Anything special you'd like to add about yourself?