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Jun Chen

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Jun Chen
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Name Jun Chen
Gender Male
Member in Year(s) 2015, 2016

Jun Chen is a member of the team.

What Got You Involved in the Team?

Jichuan S. and Yan Dong were pretty motivational.

Who is Your Role Model?

Sorry, I have multiple role models because each has his or her own unique character. My role models are Siddhārtha Gautama, Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs, Tom Brady, Micheal Bloomberg, Jack Ma because they work for their dreams. Their selflessness and perseverance really differentiates them from others who are just as successful. My next group of role models are my most ambitious friends: James Virden, Daniel Wu, Austin Joost, Justin Smith, and Nayan Chawla. They are always reminding me that I am underestimating my true potential.

What are Your Future Career Plans

I plan to go to college, travel the world, find a good career. Once I retire, I will teach at an orphanage.

Interests or Hobbies

Basketball, community services, new discoveries

What Other Groups/Clubs Are You Involved In?


What Are Your Dreams In Life?

I hope that one day, a kid finds my name in the encyclopedia and say that is my idol.

Favorite Robotics Quote

We are going to defy Murphy's Law. :)

Favorite Robotics Moments

Drinking Hot Sauce that was so hot, but sadly, the moment did not last forever.

Anything special you'd like to add about yourself?