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Terry Kang

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Terry Kang
Name Terry Kang
Gender Male
Member in Year(s) 2015, 2016, 2017

Terry Kang is an intelligent member of the team. With the face of a bunny rabbit/ panda, he can often be seen with Chris or Bosco, either running around or typing away at a laptop.

What Got You Involved in the Team?

I was always interested in robotics from a young age, but specifically it was make magazine video I saw when I was eight.

Who is Your Role Model?

I have a lot of role models, too many to count, but some specific ones that come into mind is: Patrick Wheeler, Marco Arment, Scott H Young, Adam Savage, James Grime, Hans Rosling, Pablos Holman, Tom Scott, Colin Furze, Mike Rugnetta and many more.

What are Your Future Career Plans

I have some sort of plan, but it's subject to change.

Interests or Hobbies

Learning about Computer Science, programming, making stuff with the arduino, and board gaming.

What Other Groups/Clubs Are You Involved In?

I am in Math club and the TSA club. Outside of school, I frequently visit the innovation team of IEEE at Georgia Tech

What Are Your Dreams In Life?

To hopefully get a PhD in either computer science or mathematics.

Favorite Robotics Quote


Favorite Robotics Moments

When I realized what I could contribute to the team, unfortunately happened after the robotics season and during the summer break.