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The treasurer handles all flows of the moneys.

The job of the treasurer is open to any lowerclassmen, specifically aimed towards sophomores or juniors.

Job Requirements

The job requirements of the treasurer are to:

  • Monitor money flow, but this job is usually taken care of by the teacher mentor.
  • Includes the Bill of Materials
  • Aids the Secretary with his or her job
  • Helps with the Vice-President of Business in his or her duties.
  • Manage/organize fundraisers of the team

Organizing Ramen Sales

Click here to redirect to the Ramen Sales page

Previous Treasurers

2017 Rithik Raina
2016 Sumedh Garimella
2015 Nabil Khan
2014 Tammy Ong
2013 Nicholas Allison
2012 Ryan Mar
2011 Deepan Mehta
2010 Brittany Davis
2009 Sarah Haddad
2007 YnahteB Renmus
2006 John Bentley